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Dukan Diet Attack Phase Recipes

No doubt you’ve read plenty of information on how the Dukan diet is based on the consumption of a large proportion of protein, including many meat products, dairy products and eggs. You’re also encouraged to eat a wide variety of fish given the large quantity of protein to support the attack phase of the Dukan diet. So what are the best The Dukan diet attack phase recipes that you should deploy to help you with your motivation and weight loss during this first stage.

There are a number of proteins which you can introduce including lean beef, chicken, eggs, low-fat dairy products and many more options on the food list. The pure protein attack as it is sometimes called, could include a really nice pepper steak meal, herb omelette, stuffed chicken breast, chicken omelette or maybe even chicken muffins.

Cruise With The Dukan Diet

Of course the way in which you cook these ingredients is crucial if you are to succeed at this phase of the diet and also during the subsequent stages. As you progress to the Dukan diet cruise phase, consolidation phase and then stabilisation phase you will notice that while the foods and combinations may change, the style of cooking still needs to be healthy.

You could also consider eating casseroles or stews, with onion or on its own or perhaps cooking eggs and then preparing them in whatever way suits you. Scrambled eggs, hard-boiled eggs and omelettes are good recipes for the Dukan diet attack phase. If you’re not too much of a cooking fanatic and can deal with slightly less interesting foods, you could consider powder packet mixes which you can purchase from a supermarket. Typically, this could include Indian curries, butter chicken or indeed beef stroganoff. As long as the protein content is sufficient and it fits with the structure of the Dukan diet attack phase food list then you are good to go.

Other options which you could consider, include lean mince which could be combined with chow mein or freshly prepared stew. Many people also add soup to this part the diet and other ideal solutions include chicken and chicken stock. It is important at this phase of the diet, that you not only focus on eating a protein rich meal but you also stock the fridge with the correct foods to support your weight loss objectives. The dukan diet menu and the regime is very much about staying organised and following each stage of the process effectively to provide exceptional results.

Extreme Weight Loss With The Attack Phase

The Dukan diet attack phase is a short stage but it can be extreme in nature. Typically, it could last for five or even ten days so you may suffer from migraines, headaches and other potential side-effects as a result of eating fewer carbohydrates. The recipes that you will follow at this stage of the Dukan diet maybe difficult to follow because they can hinder your ability to perform daily tasks at work and home. Consider taking a few days off work to make life easier but make sure that you drink plenty of water and other allowed fluids to support the change in bodily functions.

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