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The Dukan diet plan originated in France where it was very popular among the vast majority of the population. It is a protein-based diet, which was introduced by Pierre Dukan, who is a French nutritionist and dietician. While he spent a lot of time promoting this particular diet for much of the past 30 years it only began to increase in popularity since the year 2000 when he released the book, which went on to be a bestseller in France and subsequently sold somewhere in the region of 10 million copies across the world. The Dukan diet has since been translated into 14 languages and has seen a significant growth in its popularity.

The Dukan diet plan is based on 100 foods which you are allowed to eat throughout a series of phases to help you lose weight. The phases that are part of the Dukan diet plan are Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilisation and each of these phases affect your body in a particular way to help you lose weight.

Dukan Diet Attack Phase

The attack phase, which is typically classified as phase 1 tries to help dieters to rapidly lose weight due to the strategy of increasing your metabolism. This process is allowed to happen because dieters are encouraged to eat as much of they want of 72 protein-based foods. Protein has the effect of working your body harder through the digestive process, which encourages faster and more effective weight loss. Throughout other phases you will notice that oat bran is mentioned on a number of occasions, see information on the dukan diet oat bran.

The second phase of the Dukan diet plan is the Cruise phase where dieters continue to eat protein in combination with a choice of 28 selected vegetables. The person on the diet will typically follow this phase with the intention of losing 1 kg per week. Some other tolerated foods are also allowed at this stage of the Dukan Diet plan.

The consolidation phase aims to help the person on the diet to gain some level of consistency so that they are prepared for maintaining their bodyweight. As part of this phase you start to eat more standard foods such as fruits, cheese, starchy foods and other alternatives to encourage the transition back to a normal diet.

Stabilisation Phase For Long Term Results

The final phase is called stabilisation and the dieter is encouraged to eat whatever foods they like but they should follow a few particular rules to ensure the effectiveness of this phase. According to Dr Dukan, dieters should continue to follow the stabilisation phase for the rest of their life to avoid putting on weight again.

Take a look at the dukan diet recipes for more information on the foods that you can eat.

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