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The Dukan diet book is available from many reputable online and high Street retailers and has been in the market for quite some time now. The book was introduced by French Doctor Pierre Dukan and has taken the world by storm since its introduction. The book has been translated into 10 different languages and has seen significant popularity in some 20 countries throughout the world. Many international experts are in agreement that this method is exceptionally useful for weight loss.

While there are many informative websites that provide lots of useful information for you to follow the Dukan diet, you should consider purchasing the Dukan diet book because it goes into more detail. The French medical Doctor has spent his entire career focusing on how to help people lose weight and the book is the culmination of approximately 35 years of experience.

Protein Bias For Weight Loss

The diet has a strong bias towards eating lots of protein to support your weight loss strategy, given that protein forces your body to work harder. There are four phases to the dukan diet plan and each of these phases aim to focus the dieter on how they can change their eating habits and their overall lifestyle.

During the first phase, which is called the attack phase, you’re encouraged to eat a range of different proteins for a week. As part of this phase you will also eat fewer carbohydrates and you are not expected to perform rigorous exercise given that your body has very little energy to do it. Typically, you could eat foods such as fish, lean beef, Turkey, chicken or perhaps egg. You should also continue to drink plenty of fluids as part of the Dukan diet attack phase.

You will then progress through a series of three more phases where you will start to introduce other foods in combination with protein. In the cruise phase you will start to eat vegetables such as French beans, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and broccoli, to name but a few. You might want to eat oat bran at this phase of the Dukan diet to help with making you feel full.

Dukan Diet Consolidation Phase

You’ll then start to move towards the consolidation phase, where you begin to start eating slightly more normal meals which can also include fruits, cheese, starchy products and wholegrain bread. You may have noticed that you have not been instructed to eat pork or lamb in the protein part of this diet. This is because they tend to have some degree of fat, as well as protein, but during the Dukan diet consolidation phase you are free to eat pork and lamb as long as the meat is lean. At this phase you can also start eat some of your more favourite dishes as long as you consume them in moderation.

When you get to the final phase of the Dukan diet which is the stabilisation phase you will continue to progress towards normality and are encouraged to eat lighter products, low sugar products and only eat one helping. During this phase and the previous consolidation phase you are encouraged to have one day per week where you just eat protein to help you remember the focus and dedication which you deployed in the first Dukan diet attack phase.

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