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As with any diet, it is important that you maintain consistency with the foods that you eat to ensure that you do not fail. With the Dukan diet food list you will find many of the foods that you love, so there is no need to worry about how you going to lose weight because you’ll be eating food that you enjoy throughout the diet. At different phases of the diet you eat different kinds of foods. Typically, the Dukan diet food list will include a number of proteins which are required to work your kidneys harder so that weight loss is more effective.

At each phase of the Dukan diet you are required to eat in a certain way to maximise the effectiveness of your weight loss. During the attack phase of the Dukan diet, you will tend to eat a lot more protein, which includes many fish products, lean beef, turkey, dairy products that are low in fat, chicken and even sweeteners. This part of the diet uses protein to work your body system harder, but you should maintain the consumption of fluids such as water or maybe even diet soda drinks.

Vegetables Are Combined With Proteins at This Stage

When you move into the cruise phase which is the second part of the diet, you will start to introduce vegetables into the diet in combination with proteins. Typically the kind of vegetables which you can eat include aubergines, cabbage, celery, cucumber, mushrooms, tomatoes, soya beans, cauliflower and many other healthy vegetables. You are also allowed to eat beetroot and carrots, although they should be taken in moderation as part of the Dukan diet cruise phase. You are also allowed to eat more oat bran during this phase and should continue to maintain the consumption of protein.

Don’t forget that the dukan diet plan is not just about the foods that you can eat it is also about maintaining your exercise regime to a basic standard. It is not recommended that you do rigorous exercise, particularly at the attack phase because you do not have enough carbohydrates to perform the exercises. Consider short walks and increase the intensity of your exercises as you progress through the plan.

You will progress into the consolidation phase of the Dukan diet which is where you start to begin the transition back to normal, healthy eating. The consolidation phase is very much about reintroducing new types of foods to your diet. As well as continuing to eat the foods that have been listed in the previous phases of the Dukan diet you will now be able to introduce starchy products such as bread, cheeses and of course, fruit. While it is still important to maintain a healthy diet at this phase, you will be able to have what is known as celebration meals which are basically foods that were forbidden at previous parts of the diet. Take a look at the dukan diet recipes for information on the foods that you can eat.

Fruit Is Now Added To The Diet

Typically at the consolidation phase you may have one portion of fruit per day, which may consist of an orange, strawberries, and an apple or perhaps a pear. You should also include two pieces of wholegrain bread and also wholegrain pasta is also a good option. You’re also allowed to introduce other meats such as pork and lamb; however you should try to eat the lean parts of these meats to ensure you follow the Dukan diet. In relation to celebration meals, you can have two of these per week and it can include French fries, ice cream or maybe even pizza. Don’t get carried away though you can’t go over indulging yourself, the idea of the celebration meals is to give you the tastes that you enjoy to maintain your motivation. Make sure that you don’t have too many celebration meals because your success will be short lived if you start to eat too many rich foods as part of your Dukan diet plan.

On one of the days in the Dukan diet consolidation phase, you should eat just protein, which is basically having one day of the attack phase during the consolidation phase. By having a day where you just eat protein, it will help to guarantee that you do not put any weight on. After a slight change the food that you’re eating in the consolidation phase of the Dukan diet, you will then move on to the stabilisation phase.

The final part of the Dukan diet is the stabilisation phase and at this point you should have already lost some weight. This phase is very much about setting the rules for your life and how you’re going to plan your diet for the long-term, so that you are never overweight again. Continue to have one day where you just eat protein only as it will encourage you to focus on maintaining the body which you have achieved. Dr Dukan specifies that this day should be a Thursday and is quite strict on this approach; however you’re free to choose what is the most applicable day for you.

As part of the stabilisation phase you should start to exercise more, not necessarily by becoming an exercise freak, but by thinking about the exercise that you could do during your daily routine. You should try to eat oat bran on a daily basis because it has the ability to swell up your stomach and make you feel full. At this phase you should start to eat lighter products, low sugar products and eat food slowly to give yourself time to feel full. Focus on all the aspects of the Dukan diet and you’ll be able to make changes to your life.

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