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This Dukan diet blog provides a range of useful information on how to lose weight effectively and manage a much healthier lifestyle using the principles of the diet introduced by the French Doctor Pierre Dukan. You will find that the information contained within this blog is not revolutionary, but it is simply a different take on how to combine different foods for effective weight loss. In fact, this particular diet regime is very much about getting back to basics and focusing on the foods that many others are already used to. Like many diets, it is also important to reduce your intake of unhealthy foods, which cause problems when trying to manage your weight.

There are a number of pages and posts dedicated to the valuable information that you need to know on the Dukan diet. You may have read all sorts of information on how this regime is put together, however you might want to know more information on the right Dukan diet meal plan, recipes and foods which you can eat. Depending on which phase of the diet that you’re in, you will need to eat different foods to stimulate the right reactions within your body.

Lots of Protein and Commitment For Diet Results

During the Dukan diet attack phase, you will be expected to eat a large quantity of protein and typically this could include lean beef, turkey, fish, dairy products and many other proteins. This is because protein has the ability to fill you up and also it makes your body work harder during the digestion process. You are also not able to eat a large quantity of carbohydrates at this stage given that if they are not burned off through exercise, they will turn into fat.

As you progress through this extensive and well structured diet you will then be able to introduce different foods in combination with proteins. At the second stage, which is called the Dukan diet cruise phase you be able to introduce vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, cucumber, pumpkin, tomatoes, swede and other healthy vegetables. As with the first phase, you’re not encouraged to do rigorous exercise, given that your energy levels will be low however, a brisk 30 minute walk is still a good idea.

The Dukan diet consolidation phase will begin to get you back to normal in your eating routine and you’ll start to eat more foods that you’re used to. This means that you will start eating more fruits per day as well as starchy products and wholegrain bread. You should avoid white rice and potatoes and focus on eating more wholegrain options.

Normal Diet Regime Is The Aim

The road back to a more normal diet regime is one of the fundamentals of the dukan diet menu, so when you hit the stabilisation phase you will start to do different things. The aim of this phase is to bring stabilisation that encourages a long-term healthy regime. You should start to eat lighter products which are low in fat and as with many other stages of the diet you should eat oat bran. Exercise should also be part of the Dukan diet stabilisation phase but you also need to consider eating diet soft drinks and eating your food slowly.

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