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Dukan Diet Review

This post takes an in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Dukan diet and offers a comprehensive analysis. This Dukan diet review highlights a number of very important points, which you should consider not only as part following this particular diet, but because this process offers a fantastic insight into the right diet principles.

The principles that are deep rooted within this particular diet have been introduced by a very experienced French Doctor called Pierre Dukan. His vast experience and research into weight loss resulted in his introduction of the Dukan diet book which describes in detail, the structure and routines that will encourage not only weight loss but an effective diet routine. You could describe his principles as very much back to basics, utilising many of the food stuffs which you have been eating for centuries. It is very much about a learning experience, which encourages dieters to focus on the overall achievements of weight loss and it also encourages people to focus on the long-term.

Review of Each Dukan Phase

The diet works by taking the person through four different phases, where different foods are eating to encourage the right operations within the body and to help people with their motivation. During the Dukan diet attack phase, you’re encouraged to eat a large proportion of protein. The reason behind eating protein is because it works your kidneys harder and therefore helps to drive your metabolism forward. At this phase you do not eat any other type of foodstuff including carbohydrates and vegetables. Some people report problems with hunger at this stage but it is a great way to force your body into working differently.

The Dukan diet cruise phase is the second stage of the process. And at this point you’re encouraged to eat vegetables, including cauliflower, cabbage, aubergines and many other healthy vegetables which you can find on the food list related to this diet. At this point, you’re able to create a range of interesting dishes which fit with your tastes and also helps to keep you motivated. Of course you should maintain the consumption of proteins to help boost your metabolism. While you could argue that the Dukan diet doesn’t offer anything massively revolutionary, it does promote a set of principles which encourage the right things to happen. You will notice that throughout each stage, your body will change and adapt to the consumption of different foods.

You will then progress onto the Dukan diet consolidation phase, which is where you start to get back to normal in terms of the eating routine that you’re used to. Here you will introduce fruits such as apples, pears and a variety of different berries and you can also eat wholegrain bread. You will notice that during the consolidation phase, you’re encouraged to eat more foods that you like, however it is crucial that you consume them in moderation so that you maintain the weight loss. You will hear the phrase celebration meals and this relates to the consumption of nice meals that you enjoy.

Progressing To Achieve Weight Loss

During the course of this Dukan diet review you have noticed that we have discussed how you progress from one stage to another, while consuming a variety of different foods. As with any diet it is crucial that you follow the structure and processes to achieve the results that you want. In the final stage you progress to something called the Dukan diet stabilisation phase, which is based on permanent solutions which are simple and easy to follow. The aim of this final phase is to progress the diet back to a more standard and specific routine.

So, you should consider taking advantage of all the principles found within the Dukan diet, because it offers a number of sensible solutions to help lose weight in a healthy way. You will notice that protein is an important part of the diet and as such you are encouraged to eat protein only on one day each week during the stabilisation phase and the previous phase also.

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