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Dukan Diet Recipe

When choosing the right recipe for success with your Dukan diet, you need to consider the variety of foods which are available on the Dukan diet food list. Given that the diet has a high emphasis on protein you will find a number of meat and fish products on the list. In relation to the recipes that you can create for your Dukan diet, it should be a combination of different kinds of foods depending on the phase that you are in with the diet.

During the attack phase you will be able to eat predominantly proteins, including chicken, lean beef, eggs, fish and Turkey, to name but a few. These proteins can form part of the recipes that you prepare, however you should ensure that any meat that you eat is lean and free from stringy fat, which could hamper your weight loss progress.

A Recipe For Success With Your Dukan Diet

You could consider chicken and mustard dishes or maybe even baked salmon as a way to spice up the ingredients. Many people have asked about the right Dukan diet recipe to ensure there are many options available for you at each phase of the regime. Honestly, you could prepare different dishes on each day to ensure that you do not get bored of the routine that you are applying for your weight loss.

Some people really enjoy certain dishes and want to repeat favourite recipes, especially if they motivate you to complete the diet effectively. Essentially, there are no limits on the type of recipe that you can apply and in most instances there are no constraints. This is great news for a lot of people who were often concerned about the boring and dull foods which they have to eat as part of their diet regime. Don’t worry, with the available dukan diet recipes, you will not be bored.

At the Dukan diet attack phase you could eat an oat bran pancake, fried egg, smoked salmon or indeed cheese with 0% fat. At lunchtime, you might consider a frozen seafood mix or maybe even consider grilled chicken with pepper and small onions. For dinner you could have a range of foods, including poached fish, a grilled breast of chicken or lean veal beef stew.

Cruise Phase With Proteins and Vegetables

When you progress into the cruise phase you will need to be eating protein and vegetables. This may include fresh tomatoes, butternut squash or green beans. Perhaps you might consider eating a stew with chicken and don’t forget that you should be drinking plenty of water. You should also note that any Dukan diet recipe that you introduce, will allow you to drink tea and coffee as long as you add sweeteners and skimmed milk. You’re even allowed to have deserts such as yoghurt and cream cheese, however you need to ensure that they are 0% fat.

You should check out, not only the large number of recipes on the Internet in relation to the dukan diet plan, but you should also read the food list in the books that relate to the rules as specified by Dr Dukan.

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