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You may have read a lot of information on the Dukan diet, but you have many questions in relation to the right meal plan that should be incorporated. At each stage of the Dukan diet you will be required to eat different types of foods which fit with the procedures and schedules. During the attack phase, you’re encouraged to eat a protein rich diet and then as you progress through the different phases of the diet, you will introduce other foodstuffs. Check out this on the dukan diet food list.

On day one, you could whisk two eggs and then add skimmed milk together with some chopped salmon. You should then warm up the ingredients in a microwave ready to be served. For lunch, you could have ham rolls but make sure that the meat you eat throughout the whole process of the Dukan diet is lean. You are free to add chives and marjoram as a way of giving taste to your Dukan diet meal plan. Your evening meal could be beef with ginger and a small sprinkling of black pepper.

Meal Plan Solutions To Fit The Dukan Diet

On the second day you could have fat-free yoghurt for breakfast and consider adding a sprinkling of oat bran to give you the sensation of feeling full. You will typically find that oat bran is offered as a diet solution throughout the Dukan diet. For lunch, you could have an oat bran pancake which has dried herbs and maybe tuna, ham or chicken mixed in. As an evening meal continue with the trend of eating protein and have baked fish with herbs.

The meal plan that you introduce as part of the dukan diet menu, throughout each phase does not have to be boring and uninteresting. Dr Dukan approaches the management of a healthy lifestyle by encouraging a long-term and consistent approach to diets. During the first phase, you’re encouraged to eat a large quantity of protein and this includes chicken, Turkey, lean beef and fish products. As you progress to the Dukan diet cruise phase you will introduce vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, aubergines, courgettes, mushrooms, pumpkins and tomatoes. While carbohydrates are not a huge part of the first two phases of the diet you will still be able to get sufficient energy to go about your daily routine.

When you progress to the final two stages of the Dukan diet you will be able to introduce more elaborate meal plans to suit your tastes. You will be encouraged to eat a variety of different foods during the consolidation phase and the stabilisation phase, however, to help you remember your efforts, you will continue to eat a decent quantity of protein. In fact, you will have one day per week where your meal plan will slightly change and you will eat purely protein for that particular day.

Different Options At Each Phase

The Dukan diet meal plan that is applicable to the final two phases includes a combination of protein, vegetables and the introduction of other foods such as fruits, cheeses, starchy foods and at last you are allowed to eat bread again. Make sure that any bread you eat at each stages is wholegrain and you should not eat large quantities because it is ultimately a carbohydrate, which you will need to burn off.

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