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Dukan Diet Phase 1

The first phase of any diet is really important because it sets the trend for everything else that goes after it. The Dukan diet phase 1 is called the attack phase and should typically last for approximately 5 to 10 days. However, this is dependent on your weight loss objectives and how quickly you want to progress. It is advised that you check out the true weight calculator, to give you an accurate assessment of how long this phase should last for you.

The main reason why this phase of the diet has been introduced by Dr Dukan is to encourage you to follow effective eating habits, while helping you to deal with hunger issues. For many the results that you achieve in this phase will probably be the most dramatic because you are adjusting to new eating patterns.

The Hardest Part Is Phase 1

The Dukan diet phase 1 is the hardest part of the diet given that you are trying hard to deal with your previous eating habits. You should also be aware that rigorous exercise at this stage is going to be difficult to perform given that you are eating a low proportion of carbohydrates. You should make sure that you have sufficient stocks of the snacks that you’re allowed to eat at this stage so that you are not encouraged to eat sweet foods or chocolate.

Make sure that you consume three meals a day as a minimum and they should also be decent portion sizes so that you do not feel hungry. The last thing you need is to go backwards and revert back to previous eating patterns. You’re advised to eat oat bran or wheat bran to assist you through this phase and you also need to drink a large quantity of water.

Unfortunately, one of the negative side effects at this part of the diet is bad breath, however you can always chew sugar free gum to help you during the Dukan diet phase 1. Bad breath is actually a positive sign and an indication that your body is in a state of ketosis. See a variety of information on what you can cook for each phase with the dukan diet menu.

Rigorous Exercise Is Not Required With The Dukan Diet

One is not advised to perform hard exercise routines at this stage, but you should do a short walk to help boost the effectiveness of your weight loss. This is a fantastic advantage for many people who are really happy to hear that rigorous exercise is not part of this phase.

There are a number of foods which are allowed at this stage of the Dukan diet and as discussed above, they are all typically meat products in combination with fish and low-fat dairy products. You’re not encouraged to eat stringy meats such as pork and lamb but are instead encouraged to consume lean beef, turkey, shellfish, veal and other forms of lean meat that you will see on the food list.

While this phase is predominantly concerned with shocking your system into a new eating routine, it is still full of vital nutrients that help your body to function correctly. Your kidneys will be working harder given the increasing consumption of protein, so you need to ensure that a lot of water is drunk to help the processes within the body. The Dukan diet will then progress onto three further stages called the cruise phase, consolidation phase and stabilisation phase. Overall, the diet encourages the dieter to change eating habits for the long-term, so each stage has different objectives to help people with their long-term weight loss goals. If you’re in search of more information, check out the dukan diet food list.

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