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There are many diet reviews on the Internet that communicate all of the wild and wonderful ways in which you can lose weight fast. However, none of these diets offer the natural and back to basics principles of the Dukan diet. In fact, if you spend a little bit of time reading the Dukan diet reviews you will find that many people, including the medical world are big fans of the Dukan diet. Let’s take a deeper look at what is involved in the complete process of this particular diet and pull together all the information which you may see in other reviews.

The dukan diet plan is made up of four phases, the attack phase, cruise phase, consolidation phase and the final phase, which is the stabilisation phase. You are encouraged to go through a series of processes and eat a variety of different foods which will change the way in which you eat and approach your daily routines.

Attack Phase Is For Protein

In the attack phase of the Dukan diet you will eat a large proportion of protein, such as fish, chicken, lean beef, egg and many other healthy protein dishes that do not contain fat. No doubt other Dukan diet reviews will discuss the benefits of proteins for any diet. In particular the consumption of large quantities of protein and lower amounts of carbohydrates will have the impact of making your kidneys work harder and those that enhance your capability to lose weight. This phase is not easy, but once you get through it, you will be able to eat more foods that you enjoy. See more and take a look in more depth at the dukan diet attack phase.

You will then move on to the cruise phase where you’ll start to introduce vegetables which could include cauliflower, cabbage, aubergines, courgettes and a variety of other green vegetables. You should continue to eat protein and also introduce oat bran. Exercising should also be completed, but there is no requirement to do rigorous exercise given that you are still eating very low amounts of carbohydrate.

The Dukan diet aims to change the way in which you view eating and gives you the guidance to make changes in your life. At the consolidation phase you are encouraged to get back to normality and you are now allowed to start introducing other kinds of interesting food. You can eat wholegrain bread, cheese and stringy meats such as pork and lamb, however you need to ensure that any meat that you eat is lean. You should also start to eat celebration meals as a way of introducing you back to nice foods that you really enjoy but you should not eat large quantities. Proteins are always a big part of the Dukan diet and you should apply one day per week where you just eat protein. This aims to remind you of the hard work you put in to get to this stage.

The Transition To a Normal Diet

During the stabilisation phase you then start to move back to a much more normal diet regime, however you should continue to exercise correctly, eat oat bran on a daily basis, consumer lighter products and only eat cheese on an occasional basis. Really basic principles should also be followed as part of the Dukan diet stabilisation phase when you really should not eat second helpings. During this phase, or when you are back to a normal routine.

So, the dukan diet recipes are varied and very well structured routines which are really applicable to all sorts of different people, whatever your lifestyle. It should be noted that with any diet needs to follow the structure and process as closely as possible to ensure effective and consistent weight loss.

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