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Dukan Diet Oat Bran

Oat bran is an important part of the Dukan diet and can be purchased from your local supermarket or indeed many online channels if you prefer. In conjunction with the variety of other foods that you need to eat with the dukan diet plan such as protein, vegetables and a consistent amount of fluids, oat bran has the ability to perform vital tasks during the process.

Not only is oat bran really useful during this diet process, it has been proven on many occasions to be exceptionally beneficial at reducing cholesterol. Back in 1980 when the various scientific studies were communicated, the general public began to recognise the health benefits of oat bran. In fact, the scientific studies had such an impact during that time that the stocks of oat bran began to diminish quickly. The startins within oat bran help to block the production of cholesterol and thus it became an essential part of most diet regimes. Given the extensive experience of Dr Pierre Dukan, he became aware of this particular study and has introduced oat bran into his diet regime.

Backed By Scientific Research

Other studies, including ones completed in Australia have demonstrated that oat bran can help to prevent diabetes by lowering the glycaemic index. Furthermore, British scientists have also discovered that it is beneficial in the fight against cancer of the colon and also cancer in the rectum. So, it is clear that oat bran has been proven to assist with many diseases and bodily functions.

You may be asking the question, how can such a simple food which is typically being eaten by horses be such a fantastic food that can help our lifestyle. One of the reasons that oat bran is part of the Dukan diet is that it contains a good proportion of fiber, which are rich in glucan molecules. Essentially, it has the benefit of helping the digestive tract.

Without going into too much depth oat bran it has the effect of making you feel more full and creates the effects of rapid satiety. During the digestive process the oat bran undergoes a number of chemical attacks, which turn the oat bran into a pulp, which has a high calorific value that encourages slimming and weight loss. Many different dukan diet recipes can be followed to help you achieve the weight loss that you want.

Oat Bran Is Part of Many Recipes in Dukan Diet

During many parts of the Dukan diet you will be encouraged to eat oat bran in combination with a variety of other foods and recipes. Fundamentally, it has the effect of making you feel more full and helps to work in conjunction with other foods. The amount of oat bran you eat during the Dukan diet is dependent on which phase that you are in. Monitor and plan each phase of the diet effectively to ensure that you do not consume any foods which are not applicable.

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