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Dukan Diet Attack Phase

It’s no secret that every diet needs to start somewhere and with the dukan diet plan it starts off with the first phase, which is called the attack phase. This lasts for approximately 5 to 10 days, depending on how heavy you are at present and how well you are progressing. You may find it useful to take a look at the true weight calculator to give an accurate assessment of what is required for you at this phase of the diet.

Fundamentally, what you’re trying to achieve at the dukan diet attack phase is to become used to better eating habits, while dealing with the typical hunger problems that many people suffer from. This phase offers the best opportunity to lose a lot of weight because your body adjusts to the new regime.

Dealing With Previous Eating Habits During The Diet

As with any diet the first few days of the Dukan diet attack phase are particularly difficult because you are fighting with your previous eating habits and you may be conditioned to eat foods like sugar and chocolate. To prevent any failings at this phase of the diet you should stock up on the snack options that are available for the Dukan diet. The carbohydrate cravings, and tiredness are typical symptoms that you will have to deal with during the attack phase, however many people get over this after three days.

Make sure that you eat at the very least, three meals per day and they should be good portion sizes so that you never go hungry. Many people have tried other kinds of diets and are used to skipping food which has more negative effects. The side-effects from the first few days of the diet can often cause people to become demotivated. The Dukan diet attack phase involves the consumption of protein products, which are typically low in fiber, and so you may experience constipation. In order to deal with this particular problem try to eat oat bran or maybe wheat bran, together with plenty of water.

Unfortunately you may also get bad breath as part of the Dukan diet attack phase; however this can also be seen as a form of success because this typically indicates that your body is in a state of ketosis. Of course, it is a good idea to drink plenty of water and you can also choose sugar free gum to deal with the bad breath.

Dukan Diet Food List

You’re able to eat as much as you like as long as it is foods that are contained on the Dukan diet food list. As has been mentioned above is crucial that you continue to drink the right amount of water and avoid dehydration. It is also crucial that you do not overwork your kidneys given that you are eating a large proportion of protein, so make sure you drink 1.5 litres of water per day. You should also try to do a 20 minute walk every day as part of the Dukan diet attack phase, but rigorous exercise is probably going to be difficult given that you are eating very few carbohydrates.

There are many foods that you can eat as part of this particular phase and they include lean beef, chicken, Turkey, any fish, eggs, dairy products that are low in fat and also sweeteners. Therefore, you are not restricted to foods which often discourage you from completing a diet. Take a look at the Dukan diet menu for ways in which you can use these foods in many different dishes.

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