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Dukan Diet Recipes

There are a number of Dukan diet recipes that are sure to get many people happy because the Dukan diet offers a number of really tasty dishes to suit each of the four phases of the diet plan. For example, in phase 1. You could have a simple oat bran Galette pancake which is simple to cook and prepare but most of all it’s really tasty. Even something like Brochettes De Filet De Boeuf (Beef Kebabs) is allowed at this phase and it produces a lovely marinade for the beef.

You could also consider Poulet Moutarde (Chicken with Mustard), which is a delicious dish or perhaps a sublime Baked Salmon with white wine salt and pepper sauce. You should be under no illusions with the Dukan Diet, it is not about starvation like for example the Atkins diet, it is very much about trying to balance your body into maintaining a steady bodyweight.

Moving From One Phase To The Next With Dukan

As you move through the phases you will still see dishes which are tasty and interesting to support your dukan diet plan. As long as you stick to the rules and follow all the procedures that are in place you will be able to lose weight by eating some really nice food and recipes that you will enjoy. As with any diet there are rules and you should stick to them as close as you can for long term and consistent weight loss results.

Moroccan Fish Tagine could be another dish that many people like and guess what you can eat it as part of the Dukan diet. This particular dish is light and full of flavours to keep your taste buds happy. Hot Italian Chicken Sausage Fettuccini could be another option for the diet and is definitely not about removing any pleasurable foods from your daily routine.

You should be imaginative and use the guidelines of the Dukan diet to develop recipes which you like and your family will enjoy also. There are a range of options to choose from and many people have provided useful information on recipes that have worked for them. Take the time to read the guidelines correctly and to discover opportunities for foods which you like to eat at different phases of the plan.

Protein Is Important

Remember that protein is an important part of the dukan diet recipes and you should look at ways to implement this within the foods that you prepare. The plan shows a number of proteins, which are applicable to the regimen and you will find many of them are some of your favourite proteins that you eat on a daily basis. In fairness, the whole plan revolves around getting back to basics and using different kinds of schedules to help you get back on track with managing your weight.

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