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Even though there are many different kinds of recipes which you can apply to the Dukan diet, many people continue to question what is the right Dukan diet menu? There have been a number of questions in relation to what you should eat for breakfast and how to deal with the limited amount of food which you can eat during the rest of the day. Let’s take a specific look at a typical Dukan diet menu for the attack phase over a seven-day period.

While the seven day period is typical for the attack phase, you may end up doing this for a shorter period of time. Remember that the recipes can be adapted to suit your requirements or any specific allergies which you may have. You should also snack on the foods that are allowed if the menu is not sufficient to your needs.

Menus That Do Not Have To Be Dull

On day one of the dukan diet plan, you could start the day with a warm drink and an omelette, which can contain slices of ham with less than 5% fat. For lunch you could eat Vietnamese beef followed by a low fat yoghurt and then an oat bran pancake later in the day, followed by tiger prawns for dinner.

Another Dukan diet menu that you may like could be a warm drink to start the day, which is followed by low-fat cottage cheese and two slices of chicken breast, which has been grilled. At lunchtime you could have trout with a sprinkling of mixed herbs or prawns. A late afternoon dish could be another oat bran dish before having hard-boiled eggs for dinner.

If these solutions do not tickle your fancy, then why not try these foods as an alternative for your Dukan diet menu. Start the day with soft boiled eggs and then in the middle of the day, eat an oat bran pancake or maybe a smoked salmon appetiser. Have tea or coffee in the afternoon before eating roast chicken without skin for your evening meal.

Water And Your Dukan Diet

These are just a few ideas which should get you started with your Dukan diet, but one of the most crucial aspects of the diet is to ensure that you drink properly. Especially during the protein phase, it is suggested that you drink approximately 2 to 3 litres of liquid every day. You’re not limited to just drinking water you can also drink tea, coffee and diet sodas.

Try to make sure that you mix up the recipes and the menu that you eat each and every day to help you stick to the regime of the diet. As with any weight loss strategy it is important that you follow all the rules that will help you to lose weight effectively. If you want more details, check out the dukan diet attack phase, for a detailed rundown on the consumption of protein at this stage.

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