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The dukan diet plan is different to many diets out there and proposes a way to lose weight naturally using the abundance of natural foods that are available. The dukan diet offers a method which is based around a healthy eating plan which includes many foods that were typically eaten by the primitive ages of yesteryear. It really is a back to basics diet, which focuses on proteins and vegetables. There are 100 foods, of which 72 are from the animal world and 28 that you will find in the plant world. One of the key aspects of the dukan diet is that it is almost about eating as much as you like.

One of the fundamental advantages of this diet and slimming method is that there is a properly structured support system to help you with the diet from start to finish. It is suggested that if you follow this healthy diet plan exactly as you should and do not deviate by eating the wrong foods you will be able to lose weight consistently.

Four Phases to Lose Weight with the Dukan Diet

This method is structured to stabilise your weight loss over 4 phases with the aim of keeping the dieter occupied throughout the course of the diet to ensure they do not deviate from its requirements. The four phases are on a continuum from the strongest and most effective phase through to the most open and stabilising phase where there are more options for the dieter. The Dukan diet aims to help people successfully lose weight in a natural way and to ensure the stabilisation of their weight for the long-term.

In phase 1 the emphasis is on immediate results and is often referred to as the attack phase which hits weight loss head-on. As part of this phase you will eat a selection of 72 high protein content foods that are especially good for effective weight loss. Take a look in more depth at the dukan diet attack phase. In stage 2, which is typically called the Cruise phase where you will alternate between your protein and specific recommended vegetables.

Phase 3 is called the consolidation phase and this is 10 days per kilogram lost and has the aim of helping to encourage a balanced diet. In this phase you have the opportunity of eating more foods that you like, so the Dukan diet is not about giving up all of your favourite foods it is about eating them in moderation and that the correct time. In phase 4 the emphasis is on stabilisation and helping the dieter to maintain their weight, which they have lost. This is where the dukan diet recipes are highly effective because it is well known that many people put the weight back on when they have finished the diet.

World Renowned Diet

The Dukan diet method is now well known all over the world and is being communicated in a number of different languages, including Korean, Russian and Bulgarian, to name but a few. The word-of-mouth and communication of this particular diet has encouraged the growth and awareness of it among many different societies. It has crossed cultural boundaries and has received a large amount of support from the medical world who have described it as a useful way to help weight loss.

Many of the diets that you will find on the Internet or indeed in any health store may require you to eat supplements which in some cases can be synthetic. With the Dukan diet you have the opportunity to follow the regime, which focuses on natural and effective solutions to support your weight loss.

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